Union Square Loft


Gut renovation of a Union Square loft utilizing eco materials and energy efficient   lighting and systems. The clients had been living in the space since 1980s and wanted to both update it and redesign it so they could “age in place.” The existing incandescent lighting, mounted on high ceilings, required tall ladders for frequent maintenance. The new design incorporates dropped lighting with longer lasting light sources. The existing bathrooms had above-the-floor plumbing which necessitated awkward steps. A major starting point of the new design was finding fixtures and re-routing plumbing in order to make the spaces fully wheelchair           accessible.


The master bedroom looked out to a dark alley, so backlighting was incorporated into the window niches.


Eco materials and products utilized included bamboo, Icestone, recycled denim insulation, tankless hot water heating, dual flush toilets, existing wood flooring,       fluorescent and LED lighting, and no- or low-VOC paints and finishes.




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