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Sustainability Districts for NYC: Building an Equitable and Resilient Future, Spring 2016


EcoOptimism, David Bergman’s blog

Anyone Can Fly
Doubleday & Company, 1976 & 1986

Out of print 




“”Communicating Sustainability in Architecture,” in What is Sustainability (Archhive Books, 2021)

Of Course Copenhagen Has a Ski Slope Built on a Power Plant,”, 2021

“EcoOptimism, or How We Come Out Ahead of the Game,” Honeysuckle Magazine, 2018

Redefining Growth,”, Mar 1, 2013, first posted in EcoOptimism

It’s not the economy vs the environment,”, Feb 13, 2013, first posted in EcoOptimism

“The Limited Vision of the Pro-Nuclear Energy Argument,” National Geographic’s “Great Energy Challenge Blog,” Feb 6, 2013, version of “Answering the Wrong Question” first posted in EcoOptimism.


David Bergman, Author Of ‘Sustainable Design: A Critical Guide,’ Shares Photos And Wisdom” and “New Book Is a Tour of Sustainable Design,” interview, posted in Huffington Post and National Geographic’s “Great Energy Challenge Blog,” Jan 2013


SPURA and Urban Design: Why Settle for a Near-miss?” critique of Lower East Side development plans,, Oct 5, 2012


Spurning SPURA,” a critique of Lower East Side development plans, The Architect’s Newspaper, Sept 27, 2012


Beyond energy savings: How green buildings can cut labor costs,”, Sept 12, 2012


“A View on Encouraging the Use of New Light Sources and Performance,” Home Lighting & Accessories, May 2012


“Say Watt,” on Traditional Home Editors’ Blog, April 16, 2012


“Op-Ed: Saying No to Big Box in SPURA,” opposing Big Box development in the Lower East Side, Bowery Boogie, Mar 16, 2012


“Transparent Green,” Greenopia, NY Edition, 2007


“Transparent Green,” Lipman World, Jan 30, 2007,

“Notes on Sustainability,” from Echo:, proceedings of HearSAY, 10 Conversations on Design, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, Nov 7-9, 2002 


Transparent Green,” 2005. Also published at Snapshot, Jan. 2006.

“Assignment: Green,” co-curator, exhibit at Municipal Art Society, Spring 2003

Architectural Lighting, March 2002. Article by Bergman: “What’s in a Name?”
“By Design,” Edifice Rex/At Home, monthly columnist,, 2001 

Architectural Lighting, July 1999. Article by Bergman: “CFLs: New Technology Needs New Solutions.” 
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